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I am approaching my life here in Seattle with a different attitude that I have in the past. I have always enjoyed being active (though not strictly excersizing) but am often bad at motivating myself to get out as often as I would like. So, I have set a few goals for myself this quarter and I am hoping the rationale behind each one is enough to stick with it.

1) Go climbing 3 times per week – I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out a nice way to remain active without living 10 minutes from a mountain. I’ve put in a earnest effort to go snowboarding lot still (3 times in the last week is not bad), but I can’t keep that up all quarter. I’ve never really gotten in to climbing, mostly because I never put in the effort to stick with it. I’ve always heard that climbing gets more enjoyable the more you do it. I always have fun when I go, and the people in the gym are all really cool and super friendly. The ima is really convenient, and I think I can afford and hour or two every day. So I am going to try to stick with it. Besides, the fake rock wall seems about the closest thing I can get to a mountain without actually leaving the city.

2) Walk/bike as many places as possible – I just got a sweet new rain shell, so now I have no excuse even if it is pouring down rain outside. Campus is only about a mile away and I enjoy the walk. Taking my bike is actually faster than riding the bus, so really there is no excuse. Walking and biking are nice ways to get outside even if it is just a means of getting from one place to another.

3) Cook better/healthier/more frequently – This one has been on my ‘list’ for a long time and I always end up failing. I often find that cooking for myself is more expensive than eating out, at least for a “real” meal. But I know this is wrong and if I plan better I should be able to eat better food for cheaper. I enjoy cooking too. I am going to try to plan 3-4 meals a week on Sunday, go to the store and buy all the ingredients. I will schedule time every day or so, ample for preparing and enjoying a good meal. You might ask, “well you have tried this before, what makes you think now is any different?” Really nothing special. I am trying to schedule my time better and this will be a part of it. Also, I have helped make some delicious meals in the last week, so I am off to a good start.

4) No more candy! – I will be the first to admit that I love candy. But I am really bad at using restraint when eating it and I always end up feeling gross afterwards. I hardly ever ate candy when I was in Montana, which leads me to believe that I eat it more out of convenience than anything else. Also, I find that the more active I am, the less craving I have for sugar. Plus, I am always way more satisfied eating a good meal than a bag of candy. (All of these things are tied together!)

5) Structured schedule – I am terrible at structuring my time. But then, I am also really good at wasting time. I am going to try to make a detailed schedule for each week and hopefully alleviate some of the wasted time.

6) Creativity journal – I’ve had this awesome sketchbook, for a few years that I randomly put ideas in. I am going to take 30 minutes a day to sketch out any ideas that have been in my mind. It seems like a fun excersize and who knows, maybe something useful will come of it.

This seems like a long list of goals to set for myself, but it covers a wide range of my lifestyle and I have spent a long time trying to figure out how I can live my life in a way that makes me happy. These are all a part of that goal, so hopefully this will make for a good quarter.

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  1. Laurel
    April 6, 2012

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    I think these are great!!! I would love to climb with you! I’m getting belay certified this weekend!!

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