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Like the previous day, we took in the morning slowly. Enjoying the warmth of the light, the hot coffee, and yes, the dinosaur egg-filled oatmeal. We expected the hike out to take a while and we were in a bit of a hurry to get back to civilization.

The hike out was a pleasant downhill grade the entire way, not too steep, but just steep enough to know that you were going downhill. We ran into a number of people on the way out. It was as if we had all gone our separate ways, and then reconvened on this single trail for the hike out. It made Elizabeth and I appreciate the lack of people we had seen on the trip even more.
After hiking for a while, we stopped to grab a bite of food. We pulled out the map to try to get a sense of where we were and how far we had left to go. It turns out that neither of us are a very good judge of distance. We both expected that we had a couple more miles to go, so we were a little shocked when 10 minutes later we were back to the familiar sights of the trail we began our journey on. The last mile and a half went quickly and we were both shocked at how fast we had gotten back to the car.

After slowly packing up our gear and putting on fresh clothes, we hopped in the car and headed out. Along the way, we stopped at a viewpoint that looked across the valley and gave us a prominent view of half dome in the distance. I dragged Elizabeth from the parking lot a short trail to a scenic overlook.

It was a nice moment for me to reflect on the trip a bit. While I was sad that we hadn’t made it out to half dome, I thought about where we had been, the lack of crowds, and how much fun I had. The sadness was gone and I was left enjoying one last stunning landscape Yosemite threw at me.

On the way back to the car, something a friend had recently told me was ringing in my ears, “You shouldn’t try to do everything at once, save some things for later so that you will have a reason to come back.”

I smiled as we left the park, knowing that the trip couldn’t have gone any better and that I will definitely be back.

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