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Honestly I cannot complain about where I am in my life. I love my research and the freedom that grad school offers. I may be expected to work 60 hour weeks, but they are any 60 hours I choose and if I don’t sleep, well then there is plenty of time for other activities! Okay, so perhaps that is an exaggeration, but I am responsible for managing my own time and there is nobody telling me what I can and cannot do, as long as I make my deadlines.

But sometimes, every once in a while, the snow will start falling and I find myself stuck behind my glowing computer screen. You likely know this feeling. The day you miss the big dump because you cannot get out of some other obligation.

Today is one of those days. I think the word for it is responsibility. It’s a miserable feeling. The worst part is, whatever the reason you aren’t on the mountain getting face shots with your friends – you inevitably aren’t doing the thing you are supposed to. Instead, you sit in front of your computer with a cup of coffee, reading the weather forecast, checking the snow telemetry at your favorite resort, looking at pictures your friends are posting from the lift lines, and daydreaming about dropping in on your favorite lines.

It’s almost as if you are there on the mountain. Except you’re not. You are sitting in front of your computer not doing the things that you thought were important enough to warrant not skipping them.

The worst part of it all, at the end of the day you inevitably didn’t finish what you needed to and are left with that undeniable sense of guilt. Why didn’t I just take the day off?

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