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You’ll come down from the Lurch
with an unpleasant bump.
And the chances are, then,
that you’ll be in a Slump.

And when you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself
is not easily done.

I often try to live my life through the wise teachings of Dr. Seuss. Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Happens to be one of my personal favorites. A story that I can relate to whether I am 5 or 25, and I imagine I will relate to it even at 55. When was the last time you read the poem? It was a part of my childhood and the essence of it—the brightly-colored, striped spires enveloping a world that only Dr. Seuss could dream up, was all that remained. I thank my friend Elizabeth for reminding me of it, and making me read over the poem from start to finish. Reading it now, I revel in the wisdom that Dr. Seuss so elegantly imparts to his unsuspecting readers.

But, I digress. The reason I bring up Dr. Seuss is that I seemed to have found myself in a slump. I was on my way up and seeing great sights. Then, hang-ups did happen to me.

Maybe it has been the tiresome process of waking up in the morning. Dragging myself out of bed has become such a chore, the only thing luring me out is the temptation of a hot shower to ease the sore muscles in my back. But on I will go.

Or maybe it was the girl. The girl who was supposed to call. I found myself stuck in a most useless place. The Waiting Place… That is no place for me!

Or maybe, it was the project. The interesting, fun, and rewarding project that has consumed my work. The challenging and frustrating project. Half of the time, I have no idea what I am doing. The other half, is me fixing things I did incorrectly before. It is a frustratingly slow process, constantly taking two steps forward and one step back. Just when I think I’ve got it, I find something else wrong. It’s a place, where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted, but mostly they’re darked.

If I had to guess, it was the combination of all three, knocking me down off of my lurch.

And slumps do happen! Fret not, there is a way out.  If you are like me, it is quite easy to do!

So, today was my day. Alone, (as you often are) I headed to the mountains. Lured by the foot of fresh snow that had fallen the night before. I plugged in my iPod and cranked the volume as loud as I could. For two hours, I followed the windy roads, belching out the words that I knew (and mumbling the rest) to every song that came on. When I got there, I strapped on my snowboard and could feel my spirits rise. The slump wasn’t quite so bad anymore.

The first couple of laps, something was clearly off. I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t quite out of the slump just yet. Somehow though, I escaped. After all, there was fun to be had! Soon, (with banner flip-flapping) I was riding high, ready once more for anything under the sky.

I guess I am that kind of guy.

Heading home, music still blaring, I was no longer stuck in a slump. Every once in a while, it is helpful to hear, that life’s a great balancing act.

So now, work doesn’t seem quite so bad. There will be other girls, who will call me back. And my back may be sore when I wake up in the morning, but I still find ways to spend the day snowboarding.


be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray
or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,
you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

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  1. Penny Jansen
    March 22, 2013

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    Maybe it’s March, maybe it’s the questioning of what we are doing every day..but I was thinking about this exact poem yesterday on my ride to work. I’m glad you found your mountain and got unstuck from your slump.

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