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So, my bike was stolen this weekend. Taken straight out of my garage, located in my backyard. I was never concerned about theft due to the concealed location. It sucks. It was a nice road bike and to be honest, a nicer bike than I really needed for the mostly commuter riding I was doing. But nothing overly fancy and there are other, nicer bikes still sitting in the garage, right next to where mine should be parked.

Still, it was MY bike and we had been some incredible places together. Just this weekend I was reminiscing on our journey spending two days biking from Seattle to Portland, an annual event in which thousands of people participate. A feat, while a respectable bike ride, was made more memorable by it’s alcohol infused manifestation, lack of planning, and complete disregard for any form of training.

I was looking forward to many more adventures. The freedom of the bike is astounding and just the thought of having to drive to work tomorrow is depressing.

This is not just about me though. What I am feeling right now. The anger, the sadness, the despair – these are feelings that many of my friends have been through, some quite recently. Sure, you feel bad for your friends, but it is hard to fully empathize until you feel first hand, how the single swift action of a thief can disrupt your entire way of life.

So, this is for my alarming large group of friends who have had their bikes stolen. I am so incredibly sorry. I am sorry you had to come home one day to the gut wrenching realization that something was missing. And the subsequent call to the police to file an incident report. Which, from everything I have heard is entirely a formality – police do not put a high (or even a low) priority on tracking down the common bike thief. I am sorry you had to waste time figuring out if your bike was insured, and if so, for how much. I am sorry that you made the obligatory facebook post, with a picture of your bike so that all of your friends know what to look for in some fleeting hope that they may spot your bike in the hands of the thief. And I know, while you might argue that with insurance, you were able to replace the bike, it is not the same.

Having your bike stolen sucks. What sucks even more is just how many people I know who have been through this same ordeal. So, if you are lucky enough to have not got through this ordeal, take care to keep your bike safe because the odds are not in your favor.

p.s. This is my bike. It is blue and shiny, with only a few minor scuff marks and scratches on the tube. I know I have more pictures somewhere, but for now this seems to be the only one I can find. I am in San Jose, so if you come across a bike in the area, please let me know!

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