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Biking to work is fantastic. If it is even remotely feasible, I suggest everyone do it. Seriously. For the first few days it may feel like a chore, but you will be surprised how quickly your mindset changes. Soon, you will walk out the door, grab your bike and never even notice your car parked on the side of the road. The bike ride, as you will soon realize, becomes a nice break from the busy world and offers an opportunity for your mind to wander. The bike ride becomes a relaxing way to both start and end your day and an activity that you look forward to.

But there is one slight issue. I can’t speak for others, but I have a bit of a competitive side. Riding on the road is fine. I relax, or try to with cars whizzing by, and enjoy the ride. My ride to work is short, a mere 3.5 miles and about half is on a trail. The trail is great, no cars, no traffic. My competitive side gets the best of me on the trail. There aren’t many bikers on the trail, but inevitably there is at least one. That one spandex clad biker, sporting an all too expensive road bike, out for their morning training ride.

I’ll enjoy my ride, letting my mind wander then, as I come around a bend in the trail, Mr. All-too-intense biker-dude comes into view. The competitive edge kicks “I can pass him,” I think to myself.

So, I bump up a few gears and start peddling just a little harder. Me, in my rolled up work pants sporting a backpack, him on his expensive bike and spandex. Making that pass feels good. I won the race against the person who didn’t even know he was racing. I ride the euphoria of my mild victory all the way to the cafe across from my office, where I park my bike and quickly realize I am now sweating profusely.

Opting to bike in my work clothes might not have been such a great idea after all. Maybe I too should invest in a pair of spandex.

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