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under construction

Update: I’ve spent some quality time working on the site. The move to wordpress on the outset was smooth and painless. However, the initial euphoria wore off as I started to dig into the gritty details. (Some of you may have noticed the site when down for an hour or so when I broke the database.) While on blogger I was able to find a custom template that looked nice, I am yet to come across a default template that I really like. I’ve resorted to digging into the bowels of the theme and tweaking settings as I like. Simple things like links…who the hell thought it was a good idea to clear the formatting for links. I’m sorry, but nobody can navigate your site if most of your links appear to be plain text. Sigh. Also, round images. Why. Sure, the theme has a little bit of curves to it like in the header…but the round images were just horribly out of place. They turned a clean and crisp theme into something bubbly and wrong.

There are still a lot of improvements that I want to make. For now, I am relatively content with the look and feel of the site. I wouldn’t go as far as to remove this post quite yet though. This is sort of like a self-reminder that there are still things that I would like to change and don’t be alarmed if things still change.

Bear with me for a few days. I decided to set up a wordpress site and compile content from my portfolio and my blog all into one place. Most of the content moved over beautifully and the process was quite painless.

There were a number of reasons for this move:

  • Blogger was very limiting in what I could actually do in terms of site structure.
  • I wanted to add more dynamic pages and add some more content to the site, things like the (currently missing) trip reports page
  • I wanted a dedicated place to post pictures, not just tied to a post.
  • Unification with my Portfolio. My writing, photography, and my work are all a part of who I am and I think it is important that they are all connected. Some of you visiting my site may not look at my projects. Vice versa, some of you may come for the projects and could care less about the blog. I like to hope that you will poke around and explore both :).

As with any move or remodel, no matter how prepared you are, there will always be some unexpected (and a few expected) issues.

  • Where did all the pictures go? Fear not, they are all still there. Sort of. the content is all still hosted by blogger (so I guess google?) The word press templates rely on images stored on my server in order to function properly. In the actual posts, the images should still appear, but the layout is suffering a bit due to this issue.
  • I lost a few pages like the trip reports. I will recreate them, but there are over 100 posts that I need to sort through and re-categorize.
  • Portfolio content looks ugly. Yeah. I know. I promise, I will fix it. I wanted to get as much content online ASAP. I am going through and cleaning up the styling as time permits.
  • There may be more! If there is something broken, or something you would really like to see, leave a comment. I’ll try to address it in the next couple of weeks!

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