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Bear with me,  I’m posting from my phone, which, as it turns out, is now the most capable computer-like device I own. I’m about at the halfway point of my journey, having now visited three ski towns across Canada and the US. Every town has been filled with its own unique atmosphere and had something to offer that the others lacked.

Revelstoke lived up to the hype. It has been high on my list of places to visit for a while and was admittedly the driving motivation for heading to Canada. The people were incredible. The second I walked into the hostel I felt at home and everyone was open and friendly. There were some interesting characters and I am certain I was the only person there from the US. Mostly Australian and German. Very few Canadians as well. Almost everyone was there for an extended stay. I never figured it out because by my calculations, a month in a hostel is a shit load of money.

My main regret is that I never rode the resort. I mean, revelstoke. That place is world class. But, I knew if I spent another day I likely would never leave. That just means I’ll have to go back :).

Pics will come eventually, but I’m still shooting in raw and I don’t have any way to edit them at the moment. Admittedly, that’s lowered my motivation to shoot a fair bit. It’s a good thing then that my phones camera is petty good too!
As for riding, I saw stoked to find partners for two days of touring up at Rogers pass. While we never found the epic pillow lines seen in all the movies, the touring was incredible! Admittedly, we were also staying super mellow due to sketchy layers and the whole new partner dynamic. Next time I’ll take friends, and we’ll stay in a hut and it will be epic!

Fernie was an entirely different beast. The town was way more developed than revy, but still had a fun mountain vibe. I was initially really impressed with the hostel. Much larger, more personal space, a huge common area, and a bar! My excitement quickly dissipated. The people were way less friendly, and it was much harder to strike up a conversation. I never did find a touring partner. I did manage an amazing day at the resort! Face shots all day and incredible Canadian pow.

The hostel experience just sort of got worse. If reminded me of living in a frat, except with less class. The whole experience left me drained and ready for something else.

Which takes me to the drive of all drives. Fernie to Big Sky,  in a snowstorm with strong winds the whole way. The only respite I had was the hour stuck at the border while they searched my entire life belongings for drugs. Which brings me to my top bit of travel advice. When moving,  do not travel through a foreign country if that can be avoided. The border crossing was a huge hassle both directions and it is a mystery to my as to why I didn’t get turned back.

Eventually I made it to big Sky where I had a bed waiting for me. Sadly,  the weather isn’t cooperating and so I’ve done zero riding here.  It’s a little sad,  but at the very least it’s been fun to come back through the town! I’ve recognized a lot of faces,  and the low key days are just what I’ve needed after the chaos of the fernie hostel.

Next stop: Jackson Hole! I guess it’s been storming hard and supposed to start clearing tomorrow. It might be about time to splurge on another lift ticket!

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