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As some of you may know, I finished school and am currently 100% jobless. As if that was not enough, I decided now was as good a time as any to be homeless as well. Following in the footsteps of many who have come before (the Kerouac’s of the world); I am hitting the open road. Well, I’m not exactly a Kerouac. Moving into my car isn’t so much of a permanent move, more of a means to an end. I friend is being incredibly wonderful and has opened up her home for me in Colorado. So, while I may be homeless, I will at least have a roof over my head as I sort out the next stage in my life. Yes, I recognize that Kerouac also set out for Denver in a trip that set the whole novel into motion, but I assure you that the destination is merely coincidence.

Now, the really nice thing about being jobless is that I don’t exactly have anywhere that I need to be immediately. No responsibilities, no deadlines. I have freedom to go as I please with the impending necessity of entering the “real world” looming over me. I expect the longer I am unemployed, the stronger the desire to find work will become.

Regardless, today I officially sold off the last of my belongings that wont fit in my car. For the last week or so, I’ve been finding weak excuses for why I am not yet ready to leave. The last of which was that I needed to sell of furniture and other large items that I couldn’t take with me. It was a oddly satisfying feeling. Knowing now that everything I own can fit inside of my vehicle. As exciting as it may be, it also means that I am entirely out of excuses tying me down to Seattle. All that is left is to pack everything into my car and hit the road.

I’d kind of formulated a route a little while ago and decided it was time to map out if my idea would even work. With the luxury of time, I decided to head North through Canada. My first stop will be Revelstoke, BC. This one is fairly certain. I’ve heard incredible things about this town and the mountains surrounding it. Rogers Pass is somewhat a mecca for backcountry terrain and I want to get out and explore all that it has to offer.

Next up, Fernie, BC. This one is a bit more whimsical. It is to break up the drive into Montana, but should also potentially offer just as nice of snow.

From there, I’ll head back to my old stomping grounds, and make a stop in Big Sky (hooray!!!!). The rest of the trip may look oddly familiar, because it is a stretch of road that I’ve driven before. Jackson Hole, then Park City, then Denver.

It should be epic. Oh also, I would love to not have to buy a lift ticket at any of these locations, so I will be actively looking for people to tour with and potentially couches to crash on. If you have any recommendations on either, please let me know! I am looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people along the way!

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