Through research, interaction design, and software development; I’ve honed a diverse set of skills enabling me to excel as an HCI practitioner. I’ve worked on projects that involved in-depth understanding of human behavior (primarily for pointing tasks), designed creative and novel input techniques to support observed behavior, and built functional prototypes to evaluate my designs.

I consider myself an adventurer; spending my free time in the hiking, climbing, snowboarding, biking, and just about any other activity that brings me intimately close to wilderness and the wild remote corners of the world. I document my journeys through the lens of a camera, a half-heartedly maintained blog, and a collection of maps and guide books that is ever-increasing.

The adventurous self is a small fraction of who I am, but the aspect I most fervently identify with — and defines much of my character. I am not afraid of taking risk, while pride my ability to mitigate it through a practiced, objective decision making process. I am comfortable leading and am not afraid to share my opinions, with the caveat that I am not always right and I value the opinions of others.