Easter. I think I did it right.

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Easter to me has always been a holiday about spending time with family. It has been about eating a nice dinner (lamb and mint jelly) and an excuse to eat lots of candy that was laboriously placed inside plastic eggs and hidden in entirely obvious places. Well, this year most of my family is half way around the world, which makes spending time with them a little…difficult. That also ruled out the nice home-cooked lamb dinner (yes, I am enjoying cooking, no I am not going to attempt to cook lamb myself – mostly because it is not cheap). If you have been following my blog, you would also know that I gave up candy, pretty much destroying the last bit of salvation for this holiday.

I decided to approach Easter with a different tactic. I have been itching to get out in the backcountry for a while now, but haven’t had any luck finding people to ride with. My list of friends with bc gear in Seattle is still a little small. So, I hopped on a random splitboarding forum and found someone looking to tour this weekend. With relative ease, I found someone who had conveniently left their phone number so that I could get ahold of them easily. It turned out that they were sleeping in their car for the weekend up and Snoqualmie and would be happy to go ride on Sunday.

So, I left Seattle at 7 this morning and headed up the pass to spend the day hiking the woods with a random person I have never met. Moreover, I only had a vague idea of where we were planning on touring.

The slot couloir looking down from the top.

It turns out the plan was to go up Snoqualmie Mountain and then play it by ear. A pretty classic tour in this neck of the woods. The approach was 3000 ft of less than ideal conditions. The south face was boiler plate thanks to the daily warm-freeze with the sun. Skinning was miserable, but we made it to the top keeping our fingers crossed that the north aspects we wanted to ride would be better. We headed up to the Slot Couloir first. It was fairly tracked, but the snow was still awesome on the sides.

We hiked back up to the top of Snoqualmie Mountain and made our way to the crooked couloir. We had heard that crooked was better and were not disappointed. Check out the quick video of me riding the top section.

By the time we got to the bottom, we were pretty exhausted. All that was left was the hike back up the ridge and a ski back to the parking lot. Oh and of course, how could I forget this! I brought an Easter egg that was filled with a Jello shot. There was little argument that I took the first ever jello shot on the top on Snoqualmie Mountain.

Our day wasn’t complete yet. Since we were out riding until nearly 5, we were starving and decided to treat ourselves to a quality Easter meal. I think I have a new tradition – pancakes at the pancake house, washed down with an ice cold PBR.

So as a recap, I spent Easter, touring some epic couloirs on Snoqualmie pass, with random person I found on the internet. Took a jello shot on the top of a mountain, in an easter egg (it’s better than candy!), and ate a delicious Easter meal of pancakes and PBR for dinner. I think it was a complete success.

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