This is a compiled a list of tours, not in any particular order, listed by region, spanning Washington, BC, Montana, and Colorado. Some of the articles will resemble a typical trip report, though most are written more as a personal. You may not necessarily find the route beta you are looking for, but I do like to include pretty pictures (again, don’t look to these for beta).

For me, it’s easier to look here than searching through all of my posts if there is something in particular that you are looking for. If something is crossed off, it’s a tour that I wanted to include for my own personal memory but never managed to do a trip report for or I haven’t written the report yet.

Front Range, CO

Butler Gulch
Moonlight Bowl, Berthoud Pass
Watrous Gulch (The Secret Stash)

Costal Range, BC

North Cascades

Mt Baker Area

Mountain Loop Hwy

Stevens Pass

Snoqualmie Pass

SW Knoll off of Kendall Peak (aka Kendall Stump?)
Slot and Crooked Couloirs
Denny Mountain
Hyak (Full Moon Tour)

Mt Rainier National Park

Southern Cascades


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